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About us

“Three piglets” is the first farm animal sanctuary in Lithuania and the Baltic states. It is a place where animals rescued from slaughter, farms and bad living conditions get full time care. “Three Piglets” sanctuary is not exploiting animals in any form. Rescued animals live freely, they can interact with their kind and enjoy human attention.

Our mission is not only to give permanent home for rescued animals, but also educate the society: we encourage people to adopt an animal friendly diet and lifestyle. Visitors can get to know our animals, interact with them and get to know their personalities. They learn that each animal is to be respected and loved. Our visitors can also get to know the reality of Lithuanian animal farms’ conditions.

"Three Little Pigs" is a nonprofit organization.

Our animals

Joris the Goatling

Joris the Goatling

Goatling Joris was facing the same situation like most of the male goats: they can’t produce any milk and for that reason they are useless. It’s very common to sell bucks for meat industry or slaughter them in the farms. Joris was bound for the same destiny. Luckily, his owner got to know about our sanctuary and the life of Joris was turned around. Now he lives surrounded by a big group of friends, he can enjoy freedom and the company of the people. He is also lucky to choose whether to spend time outside or in his own room. Joris is very gentle and friendly, he is always looking for someone to pat him.

Zuika the cow

Zuika the cow

Zuika arrived to our sanctuary from some woman’s farm. Zuika was on the way to a slaughter house as she was considered too old (12 years). But instead, she arrived to the “Three Piglets” sanctuary. Like most of the cows, her life was sad and lonely: she spent all 12 years chained outside and during winters she was kept in a dark barn where she barely had space to move and was surrounded by excrement. Every year she was impregnated and all her babies were taken away: calves were sold for meat consumption, female cows were facing the same life circle as their mom. Zuika was beaten a lot. When she arrived to our place, she was afraid of pitchforks and similar tools. But her life has radically changed at our sanctuary: she can run free in the yard, enjoy people’s attention, eat apples and adore it when someone scratches her ear. Little kids love her. Even though she is strong and heavy, Zuika is very gentle with kids.

Rams Romka and Dolis

Rams Romka and Dolis

Our rams Romka and Dolis previously lived in a small enclosure at a veterinary academy. They were kept there for students to practise injecting medicine and performing examinations. All this would make the rams stressful and scared. Also, they were not able to graze or run around in the fields. Fortunately, these rams made it to our sanctuary where they can enjoy their freedom and play outside in the vast pasture. These two are inseparable, once you take one of them to a different place of the barn, another one begins to bleat sadly. These animals hate being without each other even for a short period of time. Doris and Romka are the perfect example of a beautiful friendship.

Lucy the hen

Lucy the hen

There are 50 million chickens slaughtered in Lithuania every year. A part of them die in the farms because of injuries or too crowded cages. In some of the farms injured animals are thrown away into garbage bins already with the dead ones and they are left there to die. Liusi’s life was supposed to be quite similar but she was rescued and brought to our sanctuary. Liusi was only a couple of days old, nevertheless, she had already experienced unbelievable cruelty: she didn’t have one eye and her beak had been injured, so she couldn’t eat. We had very big doubts that Liusi would survive. But she was the fighter and we are enjoying her company for already more than a year. Today this smart hen spends her days walking around the yard, swimming in the sand and once the sun appears, she enjoys sunbathing. Liusi is really clever, as she perfectly knows when is the breakfast and lunch time. She patiently waits for us to open the door and the she runs straight towards her pot.

Hens Mimi and Olivia

Hens Mimi and Olivia

These two birds have been rescued from an egg farm. They were only 1,5 years old when they were about to be slaughtered as they couldn’t produce any more eggs. But luckily they reached us. Mimi and Olivia are very interesting creatures. Ovilia is one of the coolest hens: she always follows people, knows how to serve and always gets what she wants. Mimi is way calmer but still a very neat hen. During this winter Mimi got sick, she had to spend some time in the clinic. Surprisingly, every time she wanted to do her toilet business, she would squawk that someone would let her outside. Yes, you are right, chicken are this smart!

Three Little Pigs founders Edwardas and Victoria


Each donation, either large or small, is immensely useful. Your donation are used for for maintenance and treatment of the rescued animals as well as maximizing the quality of their life conditions. Also for education and raising the status of "farm animals".

All the activities of the organization are carried out by your donations.

Thank you, for your suport!

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The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

Mahatma Gandhi